Working hard,but no success

Victor owns a towing company in the Miami area.He’s a

good guy.Kind to a fault.Bend over backwards to help a

friend.He’s also one of the hardest working persons that

I know.A slave to his own business.He’ll return from delivering

9 cars to the auction in Orlando(a 500+ mile round trip).That’s just

the driving part.There ‘s also the loading and unloading of the cars.

Then he’ll jump in his heavy duty tow truck and off he goes.Most certainly,

if he continues like this,he’s headed for serious health problems.

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Now,he’s not being like this because he’s greedy.The problem is finding

drivers for his trucks is nearly impossible.And when he does find someone

they are either unreliable,they abuse the trucks,accidents,all kinds of problems

Unfortunately,it’s been like this in all the years I’ve known him.He says he’s tired

of the business,but he never gives up.

Working hard by itself is obviously not the key to success.My friend Victor possess

two key ingredients for success.He’ll work hard and he’s persistent.I guess what’s

missing is the correct success formula for him to apply all that effort into.

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If you’re a hard worker who is persistent,but have not found the success you

deserve,then I suggest you try the following.

-Set yourself a definite goal.

If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you

there and chances are you won’t like where you end up.Decide what you would like to

accomplish(your goal).Write it down and read it everyday.Make sure that this goal is

something that you truly,truly want.

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-Learn everything you can about achieving your goal.

Knowledge is potential power and

the more you have the better equipped you’ll be for attaining your goal.Now,you don’t

have to know everything to start,but you should at least know enough to start in the right


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-Take action.

This is where it happens.This is where knowledge becomes power.Without

action,knowledge is useless.Without action,nothing will change for you.This is where

hard work and persistence pays off.

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Manage your expectations.

Expect to win.But know that it’s not going to be overnight.It

maybe a long hard journey with lots of disappointments along the way if your goal is big

enough and worthwhile.But it’s these obstacles that cause you to grow,to become

stronger and become the person who deserves success.

It’s also the reason why you really have to have a burning desire for attaining your goal

because that’s what’s going to keep you going through these obstacles and

disappointments.If your reason is not strong enough,you’ll quit.

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To your success!

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