-How to Get $10K in Digital Marketing Courses for Free

What did you see in your Facebook Feed today? My guess is a few posts from your friends, maybe a few pictures of cats, a popular news report, and oh… About 3,394 ADs of someone promising you the world, inviting you to join their “Free” Training, then selling you a $5,000 course to learn their … Continue reading -How to Get $10K in Digital Marketing Courses for Free

Why some people are unsuccessful?

What's on your mind? Do you know the number, one thing that needs to be in check before you achieve awesome levels of success in life? Your MINDSET. It's everything. It's the mindset that separates the successful from those who struggle. Amazing things start to happen when you begin to shift your mindset from scarcity to … Continue reading Why some people are unsuccessful?

Useless information

Today i came across some useless information and thought I'd share this useless information with you. It's probably a complete waste of your time.My apologies. Anyway,Here goes. What's Barbie's real name?. It's Barbie Millicent Roberts. Millicent huh! How old is Kermit the frog ? Kermit first appeared in 1955.That makes him a senior citizen. He still … Continue reading Useless information

It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier

Tonight I was watching Designated Survivor. The show (if you're not aware) is about the only survivor of our sitting government(who were all killed in a terrorist attack) and he becomes president. Well,the cabinet is trying to oust President Kirkman by proving incompetence through some legal process. They question his staff,his brother and as can be … Continue reading It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier