It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier

Tonight I was watching Designated Survivor.

The show (if you’re not aware) is about the only survivor

of our sitting government(who were all killed in a terrorist attack)

and he becomes president.

Well,the cabinet is trying to oust President Kirkman by proving

incompetence through some legal process.

They question his staff,his brother and as can be expected,all

his flaws are brought to light,painting as dire a picture as possible.

But through the whole process,his staff remains loyal to him and he

owns his faults and weaknesses.

Admits to his mistakes.

Even to the point where he expects to be ousted.

As if that’s not enough,he’s being strong armed into signing a budget

that he does not believe in.

Well,nobody said being president would be easy,did they.

In the end,he prevails..He keeps his job as president and gets the budget

he wanted passed.

He stuck to his guns in the face of overwhelming odds.

If you want to succeed in becoming your own boss.

In achieving your desires.

learn to stick to your guns

Even when your chances look like

A snowballs chance in hell

It looks more likely that pigs will sail through the sky

Stick to your guns.It will be more than worth it.

It is easy to go with the flow.Specially when everything is

stacked against you and there seem no hope.To just cave

seems the best choice.The easy choice.

If achieving freedom was easy,every Jack man  and Jill girl would be

living the dream.

It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier

See for yourself

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