If I Had to Start All Over

What I Would Do if I Had to Start All Over

“What would you do if you lost everything and had to start from scratch.”

I get asked this question a lot so I thought I’d do my best to answer it.

And when I say nothing, let’s go all in and say – NOTHING.

No way to do real estate deals

No capital to run countless ads on social platforms,

No connections or contacts to lean on…

But come in close because I’m about to tell you EXACTLY what I would do⁣.

It may not sound flashy, but it’s the core strategy behind virtually every single online business. Period.

And what I’m about to tell you is the very thing I’ll do in the events of a market crash,

Housing bubble

Student loan crisis

Or whatever the next thing that sends the economy in a tailspin might be.⁣

Ready for it?⁣

>> I would grow my Email List and promote other people’s products.

Starting Over

No questions asked.⁣

I would grow my email list, send them relevant offers that I know they’re gonna love, and get a cut from every sale.

That way:

-I don’t have to create a single product.

-I don’t have to hunt down clients to launch a half-baked agency.

-I don’t have to create an FBA store.

-And I don’t have to dropship cheap trinkets from China.


Starting Over

If that sounds like the type of business you’d wanna run, check out my Free Training that walks you through the process, Step-By-Step:

By the way, this isn’t a flashy new tactic that I just thought of yesterday.

This process is used to fuel the world’s largest online companies.

Almost HALF of Amazon’s revenue comes from ordinary people like you and me recommending their products…

And getting paid to do it.

[Don’t Believe Me? Google this question and see what comes up: “How much of Amazon’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing?”]

And Amazon isn’t the only one…

Starting Over

Pretty much every company that sells something online lives and dies by having people recommend products their products.

Now before this sounds too good to be true, I should warn you that there’s about 987 ways to do this wrong.

Picking the right products and joining with the right partners is the difference between a successful biz and a total flop.

That’s why I put together this training to walk you through my Step-By-Step process of finding the right products and partners…

Then putting the pieces together to build a system that works *almost* on autopilot.

It’s all right here.

Starting Over

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