How to accomplish what you want in life

We can only accomplish our goals in life if we are driven by a burning desire

A great number of us wish for wealth and financial independence – but wishing alone

isn’t going to help us achieve our goals. If we want to get rich and realize our dreams, we

need to recognize a burning desire within us.

for wealth and financial independence

For instance, even after more than 10,000 failed experiments, Thomas Edison could not
be shaken from his goal of inventing an electric light source. He was – plain and simple –
driven by the desire to make his dream come true. And, after years of hard work, he did
just that when he invented the light bulb.
Writer Fannie Hurst had a similar experience: she had to suffer over 36 rejections before
a single one of her short stories was published in a newspaper. From then on, her career
as a successful novelist and playwright took off. Her burning desire had proven stronger
than the frustration she felt about being rejected – and she ultimately met with success.
So it’s essential for those of us who want to be successful to examine our own personal
attitude towards setting our goals and dreams.
How do we feel about our goals and dreams?
Are they only castles in the sky?
Or is our burning desire strong enough to make them come true one day?

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