Making the change

If you’re reading this chances are you’re looking for more from life.You want it bigger, better. More awesome.

Or maybe just a change in the quality of your life.Less time working to survive. More time with the people that means the most to you.Making your life,YOUR LIFE.

But,my friend,know this.

If you want to do bigger,better things,you have to start doing things differently. Change.As in ‘You have to change‘.And change can be scary.

Make The Change

But,here’s what’s more scary than change.Staying in the same place that you hate for the rest of your life.I personally think that’s worst.Living with all those ‘what ifs’.

Not to mention the fact that,if you,my friend, embrace change and give it your all,life becomes truly awesome.

So how do you do change?

Identify your why.Your motivation.

This will be one of the things that keep you going when all you want to do is quit.Old way easy.Change scary.

Make The Change

Figure out your passion.

Doing something that you are passionate about means it’s something you want to do so giving 100% won’t be a complete chore.

Learn everything

Knowledge. Read all you can about your passion. Get help.mentoring.Someone who has done what you want to do. Is where you want to be. Use there knowledge .Take their guidance and support.Support.very,very important . Surround yourself with like minded people.Lean on them.It’s almost impossible without a team.And an awesome platform/program can make all the difference.

Take action.Apply what you’ve learned

You’re going to make mistakes hopefully not many.Get advice (mentors,support).Keep trying,don’t stop.Mistakes are an integral part of this process.This change.Not only are you changing your situation in life,but you are changing you.Becoming a better you.

Learn,apply, repeat.The recipe for your success.

Changing Your mindset.

A Paradigm(your mindset) is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior…and almost all of our behavior is habitual.

If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.

Make The Change

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