Do Positive Emotions Really Help?

“Positive Emotions are the Key to a Successful Life – and Need to Be Strengthened.

Our subconscious receives and stores sensory stimuli, feelings and thoughts. It saves everything we’ve ever experienced – regardless of whether it was positive or negative.

But saving information alone isn’t all there is to it: our subconscious is also constantly exercising its influence on our actions.

It can shape us positively, endowing us with strength and enterprise, but it can also shape us negatively, misleading us into despondency and pessimism.

Unlock the Magic in your Mind

And so, if we want our subconscious to help us realize our desires and goals, we have to make sure that positive feelings play a leading role in our lives.

We must, therefore, “feed” our subconscious positive things because, if we do, it will act as a helpful and constructive guide.

But if we allow ourselves to feel too many negative sensations, such as rage, hate, a desire for revenge or pessimism, the very opposite will occur.

That’s why you’ve taken a huge step when in everyday life you’re able to, for example, avoid contact with doom-saying windbags and pay no heed to their discouraging remarks.

That’s the only way you’ll end up developing a positive mental attitude in the long term.

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