Why Passion Alone Is Not Enough

Most people dream of making a living from something they’re passionate about, such as traveling to exotic countries. But there’s a catch: unless someone is actually willing to pay for it, your passion “business” is just a hobby. The true recipe for success is to find the sweet spot where your passions, your skills and the needs of others meet.

When To Go All In

Anyone who has been around a card table knows that going “all-in” in a game of poker is a risky move. You might win the round and take home the pot, but you could also lose everything you have. Luckily, going all-in in life is a little bit less risky. When applying the 10X rule, going all-in just means investing effort, energy and ideas to reach your goal.

When Faced With A Challenge

Have you heard about the four degrees of action? It’s a pretty simple concept that states that, when confronted with a situation, you can respond in one of four ways. You can either do nothing, retreat, take normal action or take massive action, and it’s the last of these that is the key to success.