“Only the Persistent Will Succeed

Over the course of any project – regardless of its nature – we are all bound to encounter obstacles and difficulties.

In such situations, most of us are too quick to give up our plans and let the project die. But there are a few people who, despite all the obstacles, stick to their original plans and give their dreams space to blossom into reality.

Persistence and endurance are key.

That means, above all, that we work constantly on the realization of our goals and don’t lose sight of them. However, obstinacy and inveteracy should be avoided at all costs: if, say, there’s a dire need for a price correction, you also have to be willing to implement it.

If you want persistence and endurance to take root in your habits, here are four simple yet crucial rules:
You must have a concrete goal and develop a burning desire to achieve it.
You need a thorough and precise plan to support the implementation of your goals.
You may not allow yourself to be influenced by negative and disheartening opinions.
You need an intimate, trusting relationship to a person or a group that provides you with support and assistance.
Think of these rules as a special exercise program to help you build up your personal endurance and persistence.

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