When Faced With A Challenge

“When Faced With a Challenge, Go All Out

Have you heard about the four degrees of action? It’s a pretty simple concept that states that, when confronted with a situation, you can respond in one of four ways.

You can either do nothing, retreat, take normal action or take massive action, and it’s the last of these that is the key to success.

To see this principle in action, look no further than children.

When they’re faced with a challenge, they simply give it everything they’ve got; they don’t pause to calculate or budget their effort.

So follow their lead. Instead of determining how many hours you’ll need to devote, just make massive action your natural habit.

Try Harder Dream Bigger

Say you need to sell your product to a market influencer.

Instead of skimping on budget or keeping your efforts measured, go all out to convince him.

Do all the research you can, spare no expense and don’t let up until he’s sold.
However, following this route means taking responsibility.

Remember, success isn’t something that happens to you – it’s something that happens because of you.

As such, it’s key to avoid thinking of yourself as a victim, or someone who can be acted upon, and start thinking of yourself as an actor. Embrace challenges and see opportunities instead of risks and dangers.

Keep in mind that the word “average” by definition means less than extraordinary; it’s your task to push beyond this boundary.

The fact is, the world is full of average everything. Just consider how most people aim to be middle class.

Wanting to be average means thinking only about getting by, perhaps thinking about tomorrow or the day after, but not any further.

The danger here is that average can sink to below average very quickly.

The 2008 financial crisis is a great example, as it hit the middle class hardest, forcing many into poverty.

It just goes to show that aiming for average isn’t enough.

Define what average means in your context, but only to shoot for ten times above it – doing so will make you a success for years to come.

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