When To Go All In

“To Get the Biggest Results,You Have to Go All-In”

Anyone who has been around a card table knows that going “all-in” in a game of poker is a risky move. You might win the round and take home the pot, but you could also lose everything you have.

Luckily, going all-in in life is a little bit less risky. When applying the 10X rule, going all-in just means investing effort, energy and ideas to reach your goal.

First, you need to identify goals that are big enough for you to be motivated to achieve them.

To do so, begin by picking objectives that are out of your reach and go all-in to realize them.

But going all-in also means thinking outside the box to come up with solutions.

After all, if you’ve chosen appropriate goals, the problems you’ll face will be immense.

Problems of this magnitude often crush other people who try to overcome them.

You’ll need to be clever, using every last drop of your effort and energy, to succeed.

Whatever you do, don’t follow in the footsteps of those who have failed.

To succeed against such odds, you have to be obsessed with your goals; they have to dominate your thoughts and become your mission.

This is another context in which kids can be great role models.

Children are obsessed with every new thing they encounter, devoting their full energy to their new object or activity of interest.

Try Harder Dream Bigger

To succeed, you’ll need to do the same thing.

When others see how obsessed you are, they’ll be prepared to follow you on your journey to realize your wildly ambitious goals.

On the other hand, if you fail to show this devotion, they’ll be unlikely to believe in your optimism.

So, obsession with your goals is a crucial factor, but it’s just as important to avoid obsessing over failures and to shy away from excuses.

That is to say, you should only be obsessed with doing things right and not worry about when they go wrong.

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