How To Control Your Time And Feelings

Strive for Growth and Stay in Control of Your Time and Feelings.”

Living by the 10X rule means remembering that you always have to keep growing.

After all, the road to success is paved with growth and it’s better to fail while fighting than while retreating.

So, to keep your eyes on the prize, it’s important to shake off outside influences that seek to control your actions; instead, keep pushing for the goals you want to attain.

Keep Marching Toward Your Goal!

For instance, in failing economies, people tend to panic and scramble to move their assets to safe havens.

But you don’t have to worry about what other people are experiencing, just about achieving your own goals.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that overexposure is nothing to fear.

You might be worried that pushing ahead time after time will bore people or make them feel annoyed by you and your company.

Keep Marching Toward Your Goal!

But the simple truth is that overexposure is far better than obscurity.

Just consider Coca-Cola or Facebook – has overexposure hurt them?

And finally, to truly be successful, you need to seize control of your workday and your feelings.

Many people have concerns about time management and time, of course, is limited.

However, the real question isn’t which one of any two given options you can accomplish, but rather how you can foster a mindset that makes everything possible.

The only workable strategy here is to strive to accomplish more in less time.

Keep a close eye on how much time you have, then work harder and budget your time more effectively.

We can again look to the author for a good example.

After his daughter was born, he started waking up one hour earlier to spend quality time with her and let his wife sleep in, all while doing the same amount of work as he was doing before.

In this way, the structure of your workday is critical, but so are your feelings.

Emotions like fear and pride can hold you back; being scared of risk can prevent you from reaching your goals and too much pride can make you averse to constructive feedback.

So, when faced with such feelings, remember that it’s your job to remain in control and keep marching toward your goal.

Keep Marching Toward Your Goal!

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