Groove Premieres An All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform and CRM

Lifetime offer coming to an end.

Groove is poised to shape how entrepreneurs will carry on digital marketing with the new online sales and automation platform and CRM that unlocks all 17 Groove apps essential in running an online business. The company, which has a history of making useful platforms for digital and eCommerce marketers, has curated an offer to reward backers and charter members.

According to Mike Filsaime, the CEO and co-founder of, the new automated platform combines 17 Groove apps in one package, which makes it a powerful all-in-one ecosystem that makes digital marketing easier, more effective, and more affordable. The new automated platform for marketing funnels will cost subscribers $299 each and every month. This will have saved them from having to pay over $2,453 per month for the 17 apps the new platform combines. There is yet a better offer for those who become backers.

Groove is rewarding marketers who upgrade today and become backers with the Platinum Lifetime offer. A one-time payment of $1,997 will earn backers full and complete lifetime access to the platinum account for life. Marketers who invest in this one-time offer will further enjoy all the updates and additional features that Groove will add to the upgraded CRM without making any other payment.

Act now!This is a limited time offer that expires real soon.

With Groove’s new CRM, online marketers will save over $27,439 and continue enjoying automated marketing. Those who upgrade today will also get special bonuses like Lifetime VIP access to GrooveKon and an affiliate program that rewards 40% commissions. To learn more about this one-time offer, visit Groove.

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