4 Business Boosting Benefits of Using a Web Hosting Service

Using a web hosting service can drive website traffic and help your business grow. We explain 4 key benefits to consider here.

Did you know there are nearly 2 billion live websites in the world? With those crazy levels of competition, how can you make your site stand out?

There are two key ways.

First, your site needs to rank highly on search engines. That way, people looking for a service like yours see your business first.

Second, your site needs to look and feel professional. This means that once people are on your site, they stay there.

A web hosting service can help with both of these areas. Professionals take over the running of your site to keep it looking good and working smoothly.

But what does that actually mean in practical terms? Read on for the top 4 benefits of a web hosting service, and what they can mean for your business.

1. Branded Email Address

One of the most popular reasons to use a web hosting service is having a professional email address.

When you use a web hosting service, you have access to your own unique domain name. Now whenever you send an email, your company name is there, instead of @gmail.com or @hotmail.com.

With your brand in your email address, customers will take your far more seriously. Your company looks put-together, trustworthy, and worth their time.

2. Improved Security and Performance

Using a web hosting company adds several layers of security to your site. First of all, their hosting services usually come with built-in firewalls. They’ll also be using the most up-to-date anti-virus software.

Plus, your data is actually stored on their servers. So if there is a serious problem with the website, they can restore it in no time.

As they store your data on their servers, your site will run better. Because of how powerful their technology is, loading times are minimalized. That increases the time visitors stay on your site and boosts search engine rankings.

3. Expert Tech Support

Technology issues are much faster resolved if experts are involved. When something goes wrong, you don’t have to wait until you notice for it to be resolved. Instead, the hosting tech team is on it immediately.

You’ll be up and running again before you even knew there was a problem. That means less downtime on your site, which can save thousands of dollars.

4. More Space

Investing in extra space or storage when hosting yourself can become expensive. But with a hosting service, you have access to their storage.

For that reason, many services offer huge amounts of – or even unlimited – space. Ask about this when choosing a web hosting service.

So when you want to expand your site, upload more content, or store more data, you have that option.

Invest in a Web Hosting Service Today

A web hosting service doesn’t just make running a website easier. It’s also safer, more professional, and can boost your engagement.

The options vary from a simple WordPress builder to a site you build yourself but others host. Either way, harness these 4 web hosting benefits in the process.

But a professional site isn’t the only way to generate leads. Check out our Attraction Marketing Bootcamp to see how a hosted domain is only the first step.

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