Costs and Income.The magic ratio

A Business Needs to Make Money, So Stay Focused on  Your Costs and Income. No matter how passionate you are about your business or how much value it provides to others, it needs to make money. Otherwise, it’s just a hobby. This means that you need to consider things like your funding, your costs and, of course, … Continue reading Costs and Income.The magic ratio

Focus on Benefits over Features

Get Creative with Your Marketing, and Focus on the Benefits  that Your Product Provides Just as with creating compelling offerings, the key to great marketing is focusing on how you can provide value to people. When crafting your messages, don’t devote too much attention to the features of your product size, power or speed, etc. Instead … Continue reading Focus on Benefits over Features

How To Find Your Customers Deepest Needs

"Understand Your Customers’ Deepest Needs and Craft  Your Offer Accordingly." To build a successful business your offering needs to provide value to customers. To understand whether this is the case, you need to know whom you are selling to. What are your target market’s demographics? Don’t lazily define your customers by age, gender or income; … Continue reading How To Find Your Customers Deepest Needs

Why Passion Alone Is Not Enough

"Passion is Not Enough for Business Success; You Also Need Customers and the Right Skills." Most people dream of making a living from something they’re passionate about, such as traveling to exotic countries. But there’s a catch: unless someone is actually willing to pay for it, your passion “business” is just a hobby. The true … Continue reading Why Passion Alone Is Not Enough

You can Be Your Own Boss

"It’s a lot Simpler than You Think.Break Away from the Nine-to-Five and become your own boss" Have you ever thought of quitting your nine-to-five job and striking out on your own? All around the world, more and more people are leaving the hierarchies and rules of traditional employment to follow their passion and start their … Continue reading You can Be Your Own Boss


"Set Targets that Are  Meaningful to You." Now you know just about everything you need to apply the 10X rule to your life. There’s just one last thing to figure out: how will you choose your goal? Well, what you definitely shouldn’t do is follow in the footsteps of others who simply adopt the targets imposed … Continue reading ARE YOUR GOALS MEANINGFUL

How To Control Your Time And Feelings

"Strive for Growth and Stay in Control of Your Time and Feelings." Living by the 10X rule means remembering that you always have to keep growing. After all, the road to success is paved with growth and it’s better to fail while fighting than while retreating. So, to keep your eyes on the prize, it’s … Continue reading How To Control Your Time And Feelings

When Faced With A Challenge

"When Faced With a Challenge, Go All Out" Have you heard about the four degrees of action? It’s a pretty simple concept that states that, when confronted with a situation, you can respond in one of four ways. You can either do nothing, retreat, take normal action or take massive action, and it’s the last of these … Continue reading When Faced With A Challenge