Automate Your Prospecting Using Facebook Messenger Bots

In this exclusive interview, Tyson Zahner—Elite Marketing Pro’s former #1 income earner for 3 straight years in a row, now running his own coaching company—reveals a simple 2-step strategy you can use to generate leads now, using one of the easiest, “non-techy” tools to passively start conversations with your prospects:

Top 3 ‘Cheeseball’ Social Media Prospecting Tactics to STOP Immediately (Plus, How to Start Getting REAL Results Instead!)

Not seeing results with prospecting on social media?

Have you been diligently spreading the good word about your product, service, or opportunity…

Only for it to fall on deaf ears?

Or worse, find all your hard work is resulting in being BLOCKED by friends and family, or a Messenger inbox full of angry messages?

It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier

Tonight I was watching Designated Survivor. The show (if you're not aware) is about the only survivor of our sitting government(who were all killed in a terrorist attack) and he becomes president. Well,the cabinet is trying to oust President Kirkman by proving incompetence through some legal process. They question his staff,his brother and as can be … Continue reading It’s not easy,but we’ve made it easier