Making the change

If you’re reading this chances are you’re looking for more from life.You want it bigger, better. More awesome. Or maybe just a change in the quality of your life.Less time working to survive. More time with the people that means the most to you.Making your life,YOUR LIFE. But,my friend,know this. If you want to do bigger,better things,you have to start doing things differently. Change.As in ‘You have to change‘.And change can be scary.

How to influence your subconscious

Unwavering faith in yourself is not necessarily something you’re born with or that falls from the sky: anybody can develop unwavering faith in themselves, bit by bit, through auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestion describes a way of influencing yourself by thinking very specific and purposeful thoughts or ideas.

-How to Get $10K in Digital Marketing Courses for Free

What did you see in your Facebook Feed today? My guess is a few posts from your friends, maybe a few pictures of cats, a popular news report, and oh… About 3,394 ADs of someone promising you the world, inviting you to join their “Free” Training, then selling you a $5,000 course to learn their Digital Marketing secrets. Sound about right?