My name is John Fisher


I live in sunny Miramar,FLorida.Married(happily) and we have six children


and two grandchildren.


I’m a mechanic and my wife is a nurse(LPN).


Back in 2008,the hospital industry made a shift in policy.Almost overnight,my 


wife was jobless.


The economy went bust and where as I didn’t lose my job,the hours I worked


was reduced.


Like many people,I had the eviction notice on my door. 


Fortunately,I was able to supplement my income by 


doing side work(as a mechanic) in the evenings after my job and 


on weekends.


Well,thankfully,we did not lose our home.


My wife finally made it back to school to become an


RN(She’s about to sit her state boards).She loves nursing.


Me,I became a mechanic because I needed to do something that 


could support a family and didn’t require 4 years of college.


Things are a little more stable now,but I still have to work days,evenings + weekends to make ends meet.


This makes for long days and precious little time for family or self.So every morning ,I psych 


myself up,put myself together to face another day of what feels like torture the best way I can.


Recently,I took a weeks vacation and spent it working(doing side work)


simply because we needed the income.


Now,I want to say that despite how I feel about my job,I’m grateful to have one that has gotten 


us through some pretty trying times,even allowing us to hold onto our home.


A lot of people weren’t so lucky.


But I realized that I did not want to continue like this.


I need to make a change.


This is Surviving,not Living.


The question was ‘Change to what?’


Another job?


Seems like I’d just be trading one bad situation for another.


And at my age(I’m 51).


I’d been trying internet marketing for awhile with no success.


Sometimes I’d fail because I didn’t have the resources.Was even encouraged to 


seek funding through loans at times.Well no one would loan me money.


Other times,I simply failed because I was doing it wrong.Completely my fault. 

Well,long story short.I was introduced to what I think is an awesome 




One where I’m actually helping people to live  awesome lives


while providing an income for my family and myself.


One where you actually get training and support without having to spend a fortune to ‘learn the secret’.


I’m still new to this,and learning as I go.


And like I said,I’m unable to walk away from my current situation now,


but if I continue to grow in this awesome business the way I have,


it’ll just be a matter of time,and it shouldn’t be too long.


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